The word “CARICATURE” essentially means a “loaded portrait”. Caricature drawings are simple or exaggerated images  to produce a comic or  deformed effect. These are made by pencil strokes or other artistic way. Caricature is a portrayal of someone or something, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subjects distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or deformed effect. It is simply a cartoon form of someone or something that viewer can recognize as a specific someone or something. The key difference between a caricature and drawing a portrait of someone is the intentional distortion of a person’s physical characteristics. It is a different category of portraiture. It makes fine art portrait drawings fun and memorable. Its a unique gift ideas to gift someone specially your friends and families. It can be a surprise gift for anniversary of your parents, sisters, brothers or anyone you want to gift. You can get variety of caricature pictures at Photo Beno . There are three art mediums for caricature. Those are Caricature pencil shading,Caricature digital and caricature black pen and ink.  The three secrets to draw a caricature are:

1) Good Draftmanship
2) Great Distortion with purpose
3) What exactly to Distort. Caricature artists are some of the greatest artists in Art History. Key to unlocking great caricatures is to learning how to draw truthfully.

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